Sport Day

6th June 2011, the Last DAY of School.

Yippeee...!!! SPORT DAY = PRESENT.

There were four coloured house.

THE RED = Panglima

THE YELLOW = Maharaja

THE BLUE = Bendahara

THE GREEN = Satria

The KIDS all geared up and ready to go.

There were 10 events for the children to participate

And not forgetting event for teachers. The Lady teachers were asked to play mini bowling while the Male teachers were asked to do futsal penalty kick.

Furthermore, even GB got into the fun.


THE WINNING HOUSE was...............

Flag Waving

On the 1st of June 2011, PHILIPPINE President Benigno Aquino III arrived in the Sultanate for a two-days visit.

SR Bengkurong's year 4 students were given the chance to pay their respect to the visiting president outside the gates of the Istana Nurul Iman.

Students eagerly waiting for the opportunity to see and wave at the Philippine President.

And there it was....

Finally... the big clean up before going back to the vans.

kejohanan Olahraga

29th May 2011.
@ Stadium Hassanal Bolkiah
They have been here since as early as 7.30am.

The Boys relaxing after the event.

The Girls enjoying the day.

TBengkurong FM

Today 11/05/2011 at breaktime, we officially launched our new school project.

There will be 3 different channel, airing at 3 different days.

English Channel - Speak Up Station - Every Tuesday.
Malay Channel - Suara Riang Ria - Every Wednesday.
Ugama Channel - Nurani Bengkurong FM - Every Thursday.

Join in the fun during the airing time, enjoy a fun breaktime with us.

1st round of Traditional dance competition

4th April 2011

Assemble and waiting.

Stage practice, dry run

After their excellent performance

English Week

11th April - 16th April 2011
Glistering and colourful displays made by SRB's Students with their English teachers.

Favourite storybook covers by the students of SRB on display around the school ground as decoration for the week.

English Week activities

Spelling Bee contest

Kung fu Panda movie day

Kung fu panda Quiz

Comic Strip Contest

18th April 2011
Prize Presentation for English week

Mathematics Week

7th March 2011, unveiling of the Mathematics Week.

12th March 2011, Mathematics Week came to a close.
Quizzes and activities had been held through out
the week and winners were presented with prizes. as the final closing activity a guessing game for all the teachers
of SRB.

Teachers' Activity : Guess the estimated length of the stick in cm.